…best way to describe the weather really. Cold and wintery last week, then a flurry of change ushers in summers death throws and then today saw constant strong winds driving in a big front off the Atlantic. I reckon the leaves on the trees will start to turn soon. It started raining about 6.30pm and hasn’t stopped since. Still it was warm enough for me to ride to work in shorts and a short sleeved Merino top today and only one silly cow in a Golf tried to get me. She jumped the lights and turned across the junction in front of me and a black minicab tried to follow her but I was halfway across the junction by then being followed by two lanes of traffic. It’s not my problems if you’re impatient… sod off!

Riding the Independent Fabriation Cross Bike is such a better experience in comparison to the Roadrat. I don’t miss that now it’s gone. Even with an SLR saddle on it, the bike just feels more comfortable and alive. It wasn’t a weight thing either, there was only half a pound difference between them, which make me sure it was all down to the tubing and design. The other great thing is that you can sit all day in the office and any time look up and see a bike that you had build to your specs and with a paint job that always makes you smile.

I Love Independent Fabrication

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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