That Was Summer Then

The weather has gone bad. It’s the third day riding with a long sleeved jacket, merino base layer and waterproof 3/4s. My normally commuter shoes were so wet from Monday that they still hadn’t dried out two days later so I’m riding in carbon soled racing disco slippers. The bike feels different, more alive, more responsive with the direct power transfer. Maybe I should get some new commuting shoes.

It’s depressing that summer is over, we didn’t seem to get much of one and as soon as it started the hose pipeban kicked in and as Nick pointed out it’s rained everyday since. Bloody United Utilities are to blame for that then. Jinxing the best bit of good weather all year with concerns about how we’d run out of water if it carried on. Eejits.

My pedals have decided to self-destruct too. I took the Eggbeaters off, stripped, cleaned and rebuilt them with grease and now three days later one of the end caps has unscrewed itself, fallen off and they feel just as rough as before. I’ve ordered a rebuild kit, but to be honest I’m wondering if the Shimano XTR pedals are a better option.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

3 thoughts on “That Was Summer Then”

  1. I thought that summer started late. I was riding in knee and sleeve warmers and gilet until well into May. And that was dahn sarf too where it was positively balmy.


  2. It was properly grim out today. Jacket, 3/4s, overshoes (in August!), driving rain, gales.
    Of course, the sun came out near the end of the ride.


  3. 4 days out of five last week I got wet – nearly drowned on Monday!! Commute shoes dried in the airing cupboard but they stink like stagnant pond water! Ah well. How was the alps? We had cool/damp weather with splashes of wonder! You coming down this way anytime soon?


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