Changing Temps

The riding to and from work today has been bizarre. The day started cold and damp, so I ended up doning the same warm and waterproof combo that keeps me comfortable through most of spring and autumn. The afternoon saw the sunshine warming things up, so that the Endura waterproof 3/4s and softshell jacket were decidedly overkill and I was too warm riding back. The forecast is for the better weather to stick around, which is no bad thing, the summer has been later arriving and a bit of warmth won’t go amiss.

Drivers seem to have been reasonably sensible recently. The ride in is fairly chaotic nearer the office as there is a major operation underway replacing gas mains on various key routes. The outcome is that roads are randomly shut, others are now one way and lots of drivers are getting confused and lost. Which of course means plenty of last minute lane changes and cutting up of the bicyclist. I’ve been anticipating silly moves in most cases, so I’ve yet to loose my cool. The Cotic commuter is coming up for a year old now, so I’m going to sell it on as soon as the Bike To Work Scheme officially makes it mine. Any one want to buy a bike? One large, long Cotic Roadrat for Sale, one careful owner…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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