MacPuppy Signs Up

After too many moons of almost no serious riding, MacPuppy admits that he’s lost a wee bit of form and admits that he’s said that too often to tooo many people …. So he’s decided to do something stupid to restart the engines and the old faithful breakfast and bivvi squad isn’t really local enough to drag my sorry arse back up to warp speed.

The Marmotte was the obvious choice, but it’s already full so he hunted around a bit and came up with something altogether stupidererer.

He spent a bit of time thinking about it, realised it was like riding the commute to and from work 10 times in one day or just a double Marmotte lap and now seem to have burned a few hours setting up a blog to force himself towards the 18th July 2010 ;o)

Yup he just hit the button that says “inscrire” …. rider number will be with him soon

Oh and another thing …. the entry form wanted to know what club he rode for so he just invented “le Velo Club Bruichladdich” in honour of those of you who know why ;o)

Please give him a suitably hard time if you don’t see that he’s putting in enough riding over the next 86 days

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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