2010: Year of Poor Posting

Wow, it’s 10th February already! Where is the time going? The weather is still wintery. We had blizzards this morning and now it’s blue skies and sunshine. An attempt on Snowdon is planned for the last weekend of the month, but if this weather keeps up we will be falling back to plan B which is a blitz around Penmachno’s trails. Not much to report on the riding front. I eventually gave up with discs on the Road rat and have put Deore v-brakes on instead. More than enough stopping power without the really-bloody-annoying irritation of the wheel getting pulled in the drop outs all the time.

New bits came in the post for the Remedy so that is back up and running. I used the Park CC-3 (go, no go) gauge designed to check the chain wear, but it’s not even close to 0.75% wear yet, so there’s some decent spares in the cupboard now for when replacement time comes. Still waiting for a 183 rotor calliper adaptor for the Singlespeed, so that is looking a bit sorry for itself at the moment. Not much else to report…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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