Apple Do Care

Things have been manic since Christmas. I have a load of half written drafts that need finishing off and posting up. To top everything on Monday my MacBook Pro at work wouldn’t wake up. After much power cycling, removing the battery, resetting the PRAM and resetting the SMC, I phoned Apple Support.  Explained what I had tried and asked if I could just take it down to my nearest Apple store. An appointment was booked for within 3hours of my call.

Made it down to the store in the Manchester Arndale Centre, went straight into my appointment with the technician on the Genius Bar. He spent 20 minutes trying different things and then asked if I could leave it with them for further inspection and testing. It looked like it was a known issue with a faulty batch of Nvidia graphics processors. I left thinking how I was going to cope using a PC for five days until it was fixed.

Next day at 11am I received a call to say it was ready for collection. Went back down to the store and it was the GPU fault, so the whole logic board had been replaced under warranty and there was no cost. The whole thing was handled within 24hrs and in fact the store had it for less than 12hrs, probably only 4 working hours at that! On top of all this they cleaned the laptop and had friendly, knowledgeable staff in a relaxed environment – all adds up to great customer service. This is the ultimate customer service experience that all other vendors need to take note of. Now I’m trying to work out how I can afford a new 27″ iMac for home…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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