No More Mincing

The week before last I observed what can only be described as mincing, on a bike. Little Chinese bloke riding a bike with his knees bowing out at about 45 degrees and pretty much only his toes on the pedals. It is without doubt the campest display of bike riding I have ever seen, well perhaps with the exception of Raoul trying to ride his rigid IF down a peak district boulder infested descent and deciding that the best course of action was to avoid it completely.

The Evidence

Truth is however, that I too have been guilty of a degree of mincing. It’s the result of trying to ride a road bike with slick tyres on snow and ice and realising that you have the same degree of control as an Elephant handler trying to manoeuvre his big-eared and tusked mammal across a tightrope. It’s difficult and you know it could go wrong at any time.

As a result last night I gave the Roadrat a wash and bedecked it with a set of cross tyres for the first time since taking ownership. The result is a rugged and good looking bike, which feels infinitely more stable, has traction and can go around corners, even if the extra mass is noticeable. Perhaps more importantly, I can ride again with confidence, although the fear of being taken out by a sliding car, bus or ice cream van (okay last one is unlikely) still keeps me on my toes.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “No More Mincing”

  1. I sold my CX bike in order to avoid such nonsense. My new road bike is all ready to go, and looking at the forecast will not be going anywhere till Feb. Maybe I should have sold the CX bike in the Spring 😉


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