Situation Normal

Cold enough to need gloves on the way into work now. Ended up with an ice cream headache after riding home in the freezing fog on Friday. The Sit Rep is that everything is normal for the time of year:

  • Eejit pedestrians trying to get themselves run over by running across the road in front of traffic – “Lookout knobhead”.
  • Stupid Cyclists riding bikes like they’re stolen with no regard for their safety or so you can see them – “Get some lights knobhead”.
  • Drivers doing some blinding efforts, like pulling out to overtake without looking in their mirrors to see if anything is already overtaking – “Jezzzzzus that was close”.

All of which is not aided particularly by low light dazzling people – when there is sunshine that is. Can’t help but think it’s safer to commute in the dark.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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