Weather Conditions…

…can be best described as wet. Rugby match on Friday night (Sale vs Wasps) cancelled due to pitch conditions and the southern softies running off home. Match on Sunday cancelled because the pitch resembled a lake. Riding achieved: nil.

This list of top dangers to commuters appeared recently:

  1. Buzzing
  2. Dooring
  3. Drivers who park on the bike lane
  4. Pulling out too close to the cyclist
  5. Driving too close – tailgating
  6. Harassment
  7. Left Hook/Right Hook
  8. Distracted Drivers
  9. Indicating late, or not at all

Read more about each category here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “Weather Conditions…”

  1. I never understand how you’re not allowed to drive with a small chip in the windscreen, but you’re allowed to put a sodding great GPS display right in the line of sight obscuring cyclists.


    1. We were having exactly the same conversation last time we were in the car. The mind boggles at just how daft people can be with the placement of these GPS units…


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