Trees Down

Went up to Llandegla today for the first time in ages. Managed to arrive before it became too busy, but still ended up in the overflow carpark because numpties with 4x4s need to occupy spaces that you could fit two cars into. These people need to learn how to park as it was pretty shocking the number of times it had happened.

The forest has been transformed by recent clear cut felling of vast areas and what used to be fast flowing woodsy sections are now open and exposed. It makes you apprecaite the layout of the valleys and hills around the site. I wonder how the trails will fair with some winter weather now they’re not quite so protected.

The new red section is fantastic. The singlespeed was in seatdown pedal like your feet are on fire attack mode and it was great getting some air and floating over the jumps. There are some new sections else where that have opened including some new short and cheeky black bits that are a bit of fun and there’s some much bigger sections that are due to open very soon. We’ll definitely be heading back. Finished up with a BBQ at the ‘trailhead’ visitors centre and managed to avoid the rain, in all a top day out!

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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