2 thoughts on “Merch”

  1. One less car in terms of commuting to work everyday…

    I’ve actually done more miles by bike than when driving a car I own for the last two years. Also I actually sat down and worked out the other day that for the year of ownership of the Rallye it’s been off the road not being driven for 10 out of the 12 months and the GTI is very similar. I guess the impact of car ownership is minimal if you never drive them 😉

    That said the cost of ownership isn’t minimal. Even when they’re sitting there doing nothing I’m paying for an Annual MOT inspection, Insurance and Road Tax. I’ve put both cars on limited mileage policies (under 1,500 miles per year) which knocks about £100 off the premium. They both need an MOT and the GTI is SORN at the moment (statutory off road notification). Once the GTI is inspected and taxed it’ll be up for sale…


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