Front Wheel Skid

There are some things that are actually quite hard to do on a bike. The Switzerland Squeaker is one of them as demonstrated over the years by Jez Avery. Which it helps to do if you’re northern. Another is being the most successful at winning downhill mountain bike races against the best in the world. Which it helps to do if you’re northern too. Another is riding skinnies, where it seems to help if your northern and Canadian and they’re in the local woods for practice. Then and possible the hardest of them all is doing a front wheel skid on a road bike.

This is tricky because the tyres are generally quite grippy and that the back is usually the first to slide, yet this morning on the way to work, I managed to lock up the front wheel. Some numpty in a Micra was in the wrong lane in the dual carriageway just after the Bends of Fury and darted across for the left hand exit cutting up the car in front of me, who slammed on the brakes causing me in turn to slam on and swerve to avoid stuffing it into the back of his red Polo. So, it seems that it helps to be surrounded by daft northern drivers if you want to perfect your life saving front wheel skids.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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