Still Raining

No change in the weather – it’s almost the end of May but it feels like March. I’ve ended up getting rained on everyday I’ve ridden the Cross Bike to work. It’s quite bizarre. Last night to add to my excitement, some little Chinese fella in his Honda nosed out into the busy main road. I wasn’t sure if he could see me, because I couldn’t see him. In fact when he eventually leaned forward, he could barely see over the steering wheel and I had to double take to check he was older than twelve. Anyway I’d slowed down so much that the rider on the road bike I’d over taken just before caught me up and passed me and then I never reeled him in before I turned off which wound me up a bit.

Then on the final section home there were two more thrilling events. The first being a white van man who decided that without indicating, he would execute a u-turn in the road in front of me, which I really wasn’t expecting. It was close. I was quite thankful for the decent brakes on the bike for that one. Then at the last crossroads junction before home I was cut up in a move that is my pet hate – being overtaken just before a junction and then cut up when the driver realises that they have to stop and give way. I think I was either numbed by the two previous incidents or so sick of riding in the rain that I just wanted to get home, but I couldn’t even be bothered to show my appreciation for such considerate and forward-thinking driving by shouting “Cock!”

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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