Getting Cold Now

It’s been getting colder recently. At the end of last week I had to add in a fleece gillet between a merino base layer and softshell jacket and this week, I’ve moved up to a full fleece midlayer. The bandana has been broken out too, mainly just to keep me from getting an ice cream headache on the ride home at night. There’s been some lingering frosts too, but the ice is nothing on the conditions that last weekend brought which were snow and sleet. The commute has been pretty good or I’ve been very chilled because there don’t seem to have been any people trying to take me out.

Stopped at a set of lights and had a chat with another rider on Wednesday night. I’d seen him weaving through the traffic ahead of me at a good pace, but he didn’t seem to have any rear light. Turned out it had flicked up onto the top of his bag where you couldn’t see it and he seemed grateful for having this pointed out. Can’t help thinking that he’d have been better off having a fixed light on his bike and a backup on his bag, but then I would say that – it’s the setup I use…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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