Rode in this morning against a bitterly cold headwind blowing from the North. I was glad I’d put gloves on. Up until the last few days it has been borderline in terms of whether it’s cold enough to warrant them. No idiots trying to kill me, some actually quite considerate drivers for a change. Saw a big smash on the Hathersage Road Upper Brook Street junction last night which just reminded me that big junks of steel on four wheels are still fragile things…

Riding tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to it and will probably get the Singlespeed out, although I’ll need to take off the 1.5 Conti tyres. In sad news Tyrrell’s Voodoo Wanga singlespeed was stolen from Altrincham recently. It’s a very distinctive bike so hopefully will be spotted around and about and reunited with it’s rightful owner in the end.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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