Four Years

It’s been four years since some of the world’s best riders gathered, armed themselves with big rig bikes, custom tuned shocks, snorted Red Bull and through caution to the wind and then rode off some great big cliffs, cleared improbable gap jumps and crashed and burned. Recently the event, that brought them together, Red Bull’s Rampage, has returned.

It’s still an invite-only freeride comp for men and despite much hoo-ha about a global quest to find a new venue, it’s perhaps a little ironic that they’ve just moved it a little bit from the original location near Virgin, Utah. The setting is stunning with the Landscapes of the Zion National Park forming the backdrop. Quite how the legal implications that have let the event to be mothballed (due to the increasing risk competitors were taking) for the last few years have been overcome isn’t clear.

The event held at the beginning of October certainly wasn’t without incident with some big names, either playing safe or not quite getting it right and breaking themselves and bikes. The result was perhaps unexpected, but the victory deservedly went to the best rider on the day. Photos from Dan, and more on the event over at BikeMagic.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

One thought on “Four Years”

  1. Hey best year ever was when it was in Australia and the forest fires raged around it, the photography was awesome with this ethereal yellow colouring to everything, just fabulous…


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