Out of the Coed

Went to Coed Llandegla today to get a proper riding fix in. Predictably the drive out to Wales today was in Glorious sunshine, but as soon as I reached the trailhead, the weather turned and I ended up getting wet. I managed to forget my lid on the way there, so took this as a sign that it was time for a new one (i’d only been thinking this on Wednesday as I left work). The Xen must be about six years old now, the padding is falling apart and the Roc Loc’s held on with Zip ties. The Alps was its last outing as it has now been replaced by a rather sharp Fox Flux.

Coed Llandegla

Despite spending a good deal of the ride wishing I had the waterproofing properties of a seal, it was great to do some riding. I rode the masts loop that Neil and Lardy had shown me, branching off from the main Llandegla loop comprising of the red run with all the black sections. The Remedy was great on the jumps, but you know that you’ve really got to pump the bike through the jump sections of the Black run to get the most out of it and keep off the brakes. Probably one of my best runs yet today.

By the end I was feeling the weight of the Alpine downhill tyres and their super tackiness and not having had enough to eat. I’ll be taking Neil’s advice and putting some lighter tyres on for winter trails riding from now on. After some grub at the visitors centre, it was back in the car to drive home and the sun comes out again and it’s a glorious evening. Typical.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Coed”

  1. Remedy eh? I looked at those but bought the pace 405 instead as I couldn’t get one to test. They look a really together build and it was the first Trek for about, oh ever, I wanted to ride 🙂 I guess you like it?


  2. Yeah, I like it – a lot… It rides better than the Patriot and the Enduro I had before. It’s lighter than both of them and ironically was the cheapest of the three, but for the money you get a great spec. It just looks ‘right’ too, but in real terms that translates to great stand over height and the right top tube length for my gangly limbs 🙂


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