TF Tuned

I’ve exchanged a few emails with Tim Flooks recently partly to find out whether he’d bought that Ti Deluxe he was pondering for his 50th (it’s due later this summer) and also to work out what to do about the Fox Vans off the Singlespeed. They came off the bike over the winter in favour of the rigid pace forks. They’re the 2004 forks and after several years of riding, the stanchions are worn out and they need a service.

TFT Tuned

Normally I’d consider buying a new pair, but Tim tells me that the new Vanillas can’t be reduced in travel from the 140mm, which is too much for the Singlespeed because it was designed around 100mm. Thing is that they’re amazing forks too, so keeping them going is an obvious solution. I’ve just booked them in for a service and uplift collection and they’ll shortly be on the receiving end of some top notch fettling.

After speaking to them on the phone, I’m reminded that TF Tuned customer service is amazing too, why can’t all companies you speak to over the phone be that good?

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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