Reddish Vale

Singletrack’s website carried a feature recently on Reddish Vale and the plans that a local group are publishing that propose turning part of the area into a dedicated Mountain Bike area. I know the Reddish Vale area quite well and although it certainly has a few ups and downs due to the fact it’s basically the sides of a river valley, it doesn’t have the kind of relief that will challenge Wales or Scotland. Still there’s probably a little bit of potential, but given the fact that even solid metal gates get destroyed and there’s a high frequency of burned out cars as well as youthful loonies revving the hell out of (probably stolen) motorbikes, while hooting around without helmets on you can’t help thinking there might be some trouble ahead.

So any North Shore type woodwork built there will either be seen as a great bonfire opportunity, a plentiful supply of free timber or something to sabotage. A visitors centre will be a great place to try and break into and loot. Oh and of course there’ll be a regular supply of riders with expensive bikes who can be mugged or may well find there bikes disappear when they’re not watching, or that there cars are less intact than when they left them if they’re still there at all. Reddish Vale. A great place to pass through.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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