Left to Die

I don’t often post up local news items, but this one is particularly shocking:

Detectives in Manchester have appealed for help to trace car thieves who left a man to die by the roadside. Stephen Wills died after being knocked from his bike on Princess Road in the early hours of Saturday. The stolen Volkswagen Golf used in the incident was found abandoned and burnt out shortly afterwards, police said. Three white men were seen running from the scene. The car had been stolen from outside a house following a burglary on Friday night.

The full article is on the BBC news website. The part that particularly grates is this bit: “The person who called police told officers they had seen people driving around Stephen as he lay on the road. A post-mortem examination showed that he died as a result of head injuries, but that he also had two broken legs which could have been caused by being run over by a car”.

If I saw someone lying in the middle of the road I wouldn’t just drive around them. Quite why other people felt it was okay to do so is beyond any justifiable reason I can think of.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

5 thoughts on “Left to Die”

  1. Why didn’t anyone who clearly witnessed all of this in enough detail to report what happened do something? The report is very concise regarding Stephen being left dying and cars swerving and running over him, in order for this to be reported, someone must have seen it. Why didn’t they do something?


  2. It’s awful especially as Stephen does not appear to have any family. I knew him, he was a lovely, private and peaceful man.I was also horrified to read on various web pages that neighbours were baying like hounds for their ’15 mins of fame’ one of which, when he was alive hardly had a good word for him, she did nothing but name calling and trouble making. I feel sorry for the one person who lived very close with whom he was so desperately fond of. They kept this a close secret to prevent gossip, it is to her that my heart goes out to. I hope for once they catch these cruel people, I would like to see the ignorant idiots who ignored him brought to justice. God Bless you and keep you safe, Stephen.


  3. Shame on the ones who did thios and shame on the next door neighbour who now allows her son to try to break into Mr Wills house and who has already been stealing plants out of the dead man’s garden! I know, I saw hem do it. I rang the Police but they never came.


  4. I miss him every day, I can’t get used to living in a world without my beloved Stephen in it, I cry because I miss him so much. It’s disgusting that the ‘next door neighbors’ should behave like that although I am not surprised, I knew them from when I visited Stephen, meet them, and you’ll meet the sort that do things like this, they are now lowering themselves to STEAL PLANTS FROM A DEAD MAN’S GARDEN……shame on them!!!!!!


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