Managing Mountain Biking

Stuart Hardy of The University of Manchester is gathering information about the views of mountain bikers for a dissertation study examining threats and opportunities for recreational activities in the countryside, with particular reference to National Parks.

A lot is said and written about mountain biking in the countryside and Stuart needs to hear the views of mountain bike groups for his study. He’s arguing the case that more active forms of recreation should be better encouraged in the countryside and wants to test the hypotheses of Nigel Curry (1994) who said that with good management there is a place in the countryside for all activities.

Is mountain biking welcomed in the countryside and is enough being done to provide opportunities? How does riding fit in with other recreational uses/users? These are some of the questions that he’s keen to learn more about. He has canvassed academic opinion in the field of countryside recreation and it would be extremely useful to hear from the people who are affected on the ground – the people who use, and depend upon, the countryside for their activities

The very short questionnaire which takes only a couple of minutes to complete can be accessed by clicking this link. Most of the questions are multiple choice and require one answer only.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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