Getting Set

Winter arrived (briefly) following the weekend with some properly cold weather and more snow, but rain this morning saw a return to mild damp conditions. I seem to have destroyed another pair of shorts. Some of my Oakley Ballistic 2.4 shorts which are now a good four years old have worn through. In fairness they’ve already been sown back together after coming apart at the seams during the Cham to Zermatt and that fix held up okay. At some point last year I cut the short liners out because they’d worn out so I just wore lycra shorts underneath. This time however the actual panels have worn through and I’m very tempted to try and get some Ventile cloth to make up some patterns and have them rebuilt. I still haven’t found any better shorts and most recent versions have all been a bit crap in comparison.

I’m also getting psyched up for this weekend which should mark the start of an ambitious plan. Riding for at least an hour non-stop everyday for 30 days. I’ll have to fit it in by various means and it’ll include some days of travel and racing too. Sustaining it shouldn’t be too difficult, but we’ll see. I’ll be turning the Harry Hall into a singlespeed commuting hack shortly to free up some parts for a cross bike build so that might make things a little bit interesting if a new frame turns up next month…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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