It’s Enormous

The waters have subsided and this morning I saw my nemesis from last week for the first time. It’s a huge pothole, probably 18 inches in diameter and a good six inches deep. I’ll get the camera out and try and get some photos of it tomorrow. With that monster lurking underground, some one had better get some photographic evidence before someone has a really nasty off or some Mercedes owner bends an AMG alloy in it.

Updated 17th January:

It’s been lurking under water for a few days, but here’s the beast…

Don't fall in

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

8 thoughts on “It’s Enormous”

  1. Simon,

    That’s the plan, but given just around the corner from this there is a whole road that is more exposed cobble stone underlay than tarmac, I don’t hold much hope that they’ll fix it anytime soon.


  2. Well the council emailed me last night:


    The details have been logged onto our system and your service ticket number is xxxxxx.

    An inspector will visit the site within 2 hours to assess the work required.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.


    Contact Centre Agent
    Environment On Call, Manchester City Council


    I hope they spotted it yesterday. It rained all night again and was under water again today.


  3. That’s a pretty good response, even better if they mend it.

    I’m a bit slack at reporting potholes but then I haven’t had one take me off a bike. Yet 🙂


  4. Use the site and you can download photo’s and pinpoint the co-ordinates on a google map. They then contact the relevant council for you.


  5. Finally the hole has been filled. It looks quite literally like they just threw something off the back of a truck into it. I doubt that it will last very long and there’s now a new pothole forming about 10 metres further up the road on the same side…


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