Riding Again

It’s fair to say that the last six months have been a bit poor in terms of riding. Beyond my little sortie into the Lakes at the end of October, I haven’t really ridden off road since I came back to from the Alps. It’s given me lots of time to reflect about what is important in life and what I would prefer to be doing with some of my free time. Riding has had an important place in my life since I was seven years old and I’m not going to give up on something that has given me so many good times over the years just yet. So with some new enthusiasm, I jumped at a recent offer to explore some of the trails into the Peak District from Sheffield.

Cy and Ed

Cy Turner offered to guide some cheeksters around his local trails from his new home. It meant and early start, but it turned out to be a stunning day in the Peaks. Blue skies, warm sunshine that made the lunch stop at the Hathersage Deli like a day in spring and fairly dry trails on the whole. The light wasn’t great for photos. I’m still struggling to take shots in any wooded areas and really need to get some advice on this. Anyway there are a few more shots up on Flickr.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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