New Cleats

Recently there’s been some discussion about Crank Bros pedals and I’ve been using Eggbeaters for years. My first set are still going strong – some Twin Ti Eggbeaters with CrMo Axles that have now been serviced twice and are still working like new (Having ridden Trans Wales, Cape Epic, 4 weeks of Alpine riding and getting hammered around race circuits and trails).

I’ve also got two sets of Candy SLs (Ti Axles) which are a bigger platform, but one that makes little difference in effect. These have both been rebuilt once. I’ve also ridden basic Candy’s and the Quattro Road Pedals. In general pretty happy with them. I rode Shimano SPD from when they were launched through to pretty much the point at which I switched over (I dabbled with Onza HO Titaniums for a bit until the Elastomers went for a bit too). My Summary of Crank Brothers Pedals:

+ Lightweight
+ Mud clearance
+ Ease of engagement in any conditions
+ Easy to service
+ Float options designed into cleat work for me

– Cleat wear
– Initial Cost
– Lack of tension adjustment (not an issue for me)

Cleat wear is what gets on my nerves the most. They’re made of brass and wear out faster than plastic Look road shoe plates (well that’s how it feels sometimes). This leads to some irritating unclipping moments which in my case always tends to affects one foot more than the other.


Service at the races has always been very good. I’d buy them again and recommend them, although not necessarily as a first pedal (I’d always promote Shimano to first time users for cost and adjustability).

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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