I’ve been putting off an unsavory job for some time, namely upgrading my WordPress version from 2.0. I’ve procrastinated on the matter for so long that I’ve been able to move to version 2.2.1 now and very nice it is too. Well aside from the snazzy interface elements of the GUI there is some nice bits of new code that let the me do more dynamic site content with less code. It’s ace.

The biggest visible change to the site is the new photos section. I’ve spent a large portion of the day trying to get the Photo Album plug-in working. I’m glad to say it’s been a success, so there’s a bit of polishing to be done, but essentially all the gallery photos will now be migrating to Flickr since I opted into their Flickr Pro scheme. It’ll make my life a lot easier in terms of adding pictures in future and save me a lot of time in manually coding HTML and creating galleries.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “Phew!”

  1. Not that bad at all really. I had to work out how to back everything up first, but using the WordPress Codex advice it was fairly simple:

    I backed up all the database files and then all the files on the ftp server.

    I then did the physical overwriting of the previous files of the site using FTP and the instructions here:

    Probably took about 3 hours in total, but I was being cautious 🙂


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