Access Rights

Mountain Bikers currently have less than 90 miles of bridleway and byway access along the 2000 mile English coast and much of this is under water at high tide. DEFRA are now consulting on access to the English coast and for once, IMBA have been told that if a cycling need is demonstrated, then the politicians could for once be positive… A brief e mail would be great making some of the following points:

  • IMBAs preference would be for an open access corridor based on the Scottish Land Reform Act provisions
  • Cycle clubs and Local Authorities could work together to identify suitable “core routes”
  • Much of the coastal downland is very suitable for mountain bike journeys
  • Ideally cyclists should consider what is appropriate for them to ride
  • IMBA would at least want Local Authorities to have a duty to consider upgrading appropriate footpaths to bridleways

So drop an e mail giving your views to:
The full document can be found on

Meanwhile in the USA, the future of the trails that form the heart of the Great Divide Race are under threat. IMBA is calling all riders to help save bike access to the 3,100-mile Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, which is truly a unique resource for the mountain biking community. Running the spine of the Rockies from Canada to Mexico it appears to be in danger.

The Forest Service just released a draft rule that would encourage land managers to kick bikes off existing routes, and not include us on future segments. Riders can make formal comments with the Forest Service and IMBA’s simple form makes it easy. Comments have to be received by 13 August.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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