Flex Flex Boom

I have decided that the Harry Hall is definitely a bit flexy. I guess that skinny steel 531c tubing and my hefty mass stomping on carbon cranks and heaving on a bars during sprinting are a bit too much for it. If I ride it like a sensible person (where’s the fun in that?) rather than a loon, it’s seems fine. The thing is for how much longer?

The problem of course is that now I’ve noticed the fact that the tubes are letting the bottom bracket wander and the whole thing seems to go a bit rubbery under load I notice it even more. When I decide to get something else it’s going to need to be solid and comfy and after reading about Tom Boonen’s latest ride I can’t help thinking a Specialized might be a slightly cheaper alternative than another Indy Fab.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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