It’s a Disgrace

Apparently unlike many previous Olympics where competitions had been used to find the winning logos, London 2012 had been through a lengthy and painstaking brainstorming process before identifying theirs. Unfortunately Marketing Chief Chris Denny said they were after something “that would capture the hearts and minds of everyone, give them an emotional attachment” – in the same powerful way Apple were perceived to have done so successfully with their simple apple logo.


£400,000 wasted and absolutely no comparison to something as iconic and simplistic as the Apple logo. No wonder the Olympics are over budget. They chose that over this? It seems the very sensible and quite nice logo was what they used to win the bid has now been ditched in favour of the new London 2012 brand designed by a colour blind five year old Wolff Olins. As has been pointed out else where, if you see it as a kind of Picasso/Keith Haring girl with an Olymic-sized head sucking London’s cock, then it is an absolute masterpiece and you do wonder if they spot these things in the focus groups and meetings.

Anyway you can tell Wolff Olins how good you think it is by contacting them:

Press contacts
For all press enquiries please call us,
Europe: +44 (0)20 7713 7733
US: +1 212 505 7337
or email:

Avoid their website however. It could be up for an award for a particularly poor piece of design.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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