Thinking Ahead

The race is just over two weeks away. I think about it every day. After having done a lot of Endurance races over the last few years I have been fairly certain mentally about this race.

I know it is going to be tough.

I know I am going to suffer.

It is going to hurt.

The following comments from a finisher froma previous year sum things up for me pretty well. I think this is the only attitude to have to the race:

Its quite easy to finish the Epic.

Rules to memorise:

1) The Epic is not a normal Race, in fact, its not a race, its a experience.
2) You don’t “RACE” this beast. you ride well within your limits
3) Every days’ stage is a “RIDE” on its own. Dont think about the next day.
4) Split your days in 4 sections. You first make sure you get to the first water point, than you ride for the second feedstation, than you ride for the third one, only than you think about finishing the stage.
5) From day 5 you will be weak in the body, don’t try and do the uphills or technical sections as if its a normal funride. You will brake a bone

and lastly:….

TO FINISH THE EPIC YOU NEED TO BE MENTALLY 120% STRONG, You don’t need to be superfit,

Never think of giving up, it wil get better, in 10k’s time,

This is an amazing race, this is were you will make friends every kilometre, because everyone around you, suffer and struggle as you are.


Bring it on…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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