The Community Grows

If you’ve ever been called “Outdoorzy,” Welcome Home – That’s the opening line from a new website that has been setup for people who prefer life in the big wide open spaces of the world. is a one-stop-shop for any outdoor enthusiast and it’s community lets you search for people with similar interests near you. The site let’s you setup a profile and upload images a bit like Flickr, biut the key difference is being able to post trip reports, gear reviews, upcoming events and more.

I found out about the site after being contacted by Wade, the driving force behind the initiative. I think the appeal behind this is that it is not just a mountain biking site, but a truly cross-discipline website. So from a trails users perspective, there is a lot of scope for discussion about trail access and rights. I think it could be a real asset for proactive IMBA members. Wade said:

Hi, I’m dropping a line to “outdoor” bloggers far and near about our site, so I thought I’d give you a shout as well. I checked out today and like the posts. Your post yesterday was especially relevant to me. I commute to work a few days a week and have been wondering what some people do about the clothing situation in particular.

Anyway, back to our site. Basically it’s a social networking site for outdoor enthusiasts. You can post/read; reviews, trip reports, gear lists, forum quetions/answers, etc. on a plethora of outdoor activities. Mostly people from the states and Canada so far, but we have a few members in the UK and elsewhere around the globe. We’re trying to build the community, and in these first 6 weeks the site has been live we’ve been gaining members quickly.

Thanks for taking a look, and thanks for the posting on commuting. I need to work on the details of my commute to get it down to a science.


I’m in. It looks good to me. Check it out. This is blatantly stolen from the Singletrack website, but it’s important to support the Mountain Rescue people. The Edale Mountain Resuce Team need some help.

Due to redevelopment at Lafarge Cement Works close to Hope, Derbyshire, Edale Mountain Rescue Team have relocated their existing base which was housed in a bay of the existing maintenance workshop into temporary accommodation elsewhere on the site, whilst the maintenance workshop is refurbished to provide office accommodation for Lafarge.

Lafarge have provided three bays of the same building which are being converted into a purpose built rescue and training centre for the team. This new facility should be operational by Easter 2006. Lafarge have been very generous with their support but the team still needs to find £150, 000 by December 2007 to pay for the construction work and fitting out.

The team attends a hundred incidents each year, helping climbers, walkers, mountain bikers and tourists in distress. Incidents occur on many well know areas, Kinder Scout, Losehill, Win Hill, the Derwent Moors, Stanage, Burbage and Froggatt to name a few of the more frequent locations. The team is a charitable organisation, funded entirely by public donation and consists of 50 volunteers who turn out at all times of the day and night to help those in trouble.

If you would like to contribute to the appeal please send donations to the Team Chairman Neil Roden at Edale Mountain Rescue Team, PO Box 6490, Bakewell, DE45 1XR.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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