Lights. Action. Doh! Something’s missing…

After a few recent rides I’ve been thinking about getting a helmet cam. the market is fairly broad and there is a lot of choice. I’ve been thinking that the best solution is an all in one solution with recorder and camera with battery pack in one unit. This looks like to be the best bet. I’m thinking it would be cool to get one in the New Year before we go out to South Africa…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

2 thoughts on “Lights. Action. Doh! Something’s missing…”

  1. That ATC-2000 looks nice but the quality sure is questionable. You should consider what you would like to do with footage you capture. If the destination is going to be youtube or other web publishing then the output resolution and quality isn’t as important. But if you plan on editing the video (titles, music, etc) or generate output for a higher resolution format (DVD for example) then I would recommend using a helmet camera that captures to mini-dv. It requires capturing and digitizing but at least you have high resolution source material that you can then generate all forms of output. The lipstick helmet cameras are still a great option for this reason.


  2. Well I’ve been thinking that it might be one of those things that I get and never really gets used much, in which case it’ll seem like a fairly big waste of money and I’ll feel a bit of a tit. On the other hand, if I decide helmet cam action is a good laugh and something worth following up in future, maybe I’ll look at a higher quality unit I can hook up to a recorder. My bit of research on the Internet into these things so far makes me think getting anything capable of Mini-DV is going to be considerably more expensive. I’m ready to be enlightened though…


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