Cape Epic Update

Just spent some time tonight getting the pages sorted out. Tyrrell and I are going to try and maintain some sort of training blog for the event, which will hopefully be useful if I ever write an article off the back of it. Well it’ll help me remember how organised I have been about things (or not).

There are some bits for sale too – just remembered about having to buy a flight to the southern hemisphere:

Maverick SC32 Forks
235mm Steerer
Just serviced (not ridden since)
100mm travel conversion
Spare stanchion guards and QR retaining Clips
Maverick front hub
Recently serviced with new bearings
Laced with DT SS DB spokes
Mavic XC717 Disc

Rear Disc Wheel
White Industries Mountain Hub
Laced with DT SS DB spokes
Mavic XC717 Disc

SID Team Forks
Blackbox Remote Lockout
Used once since TFTuned Service
Stealthy black (destickered).
No scratches or dings
Never been used with discs
c. 245mm steerer (need to check)
Includes Spare crown steerer assembly (c.200mm) with slippery silver legs

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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