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No riding for me. There’s just far too much other stuff to do and just to rub it in this has come in…

From: Nathan
Subject: Canada Rocks


Finally have time to sit down and email you about the weekend. The mountain biking was AWESOME! Holy crap man. I’ve only ever ridden on my own rigid frame bike, so even just riding one of the suspension bikes was a whole new experience. Of course the absolute swine thing was that the brakes were the opposite way round – back brake on the right hand instead of the left. Interesting trying to remember that at a critical moment…especially with those crazy ass disc brakes that will lock the wheel with just a light pull of the fingers!

Check out the bikes

Anyway, for the first run, Andrea took me down a black diamond. Ha ha! Good thing I was wearing body armour shall we say. It was wet and those rocks were damn slippery. After a couple of runs I was used to the bike though, and from then on it was just a complete blast. We went and did that first black diamond run again in the afternoon and I conquered it, so that was satisfying. I think Andrea likes the runs that are slow but very difficult, requiring control and technique, whereas I think I found myself preferring the runs with the speed! …and all the jumps 🙂 Those were the ones that I got the biggest buzz from anyway. Although on the drive home I found myself thinking about the slow difficult ones and wishing I could do them again to see if I could improve.

So, thank you VERY much for putting me in touch with Andrea. We got on well and I think we both had a good weekend.

Nathan and Andrea

I’ve rented myself a nice 4×4 today, that has enough room in the back for me to sleep in. Tomorrow I’m taking off for the Rockies for a week or so. Tonight I’m going out to a club for my first drinks in Canada!

On that note, time to leave.

Thanks again man, good luck with the biological warfare.


And this is in from Conradski:

From: Conrad
Subject: Whole lotta nice bikes


Hello! Not read your site for a while but looks like you’re doing pretty
good…that is a whole lot of nice bikes you have now! I’m jealous! Let me
know if there is any racing you’re doing on a road or cross bike and i’ll
get involved! Can’t afford mountain bikes these days, being a bike courier
has its ups and downs. Dont earn loads but do get to spend 45 hours a week on a bike…not sure where the ups are there…

Anyway hope you are good man

Take it easy


Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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