WooHoo it’s the Holidays

Tomorrow I’m off and heading south towards Europe and the Alps. It’s going to be ace. No updates for a couple of weeks and pretty much as soon as I land back in the UK it’ll be time to start getting ready for 24/12. Photos from Eastnor are now up here the ones with a distictive Indy Fab theme are lurking over at ifrider.com

Line them up...

Over at Singletrack’s IMBA forum discussion about the merits of Northshore are still going on. I’ve been following it and finding it quite interesting. I think these comments from Mr Fish are really some of the best I have heard yet:

still, rules, regulations, plans, ideas etc etc are all open to different interpretations and if i don’t like the sound of something i will say so, like for instance building lots of easy low level NS stuff without some sort of progression to MUCH bigger stuff is just wasting time and energy and making it not that envoirmently sound as peeps will get bored and go off where you can’t see them and build there own big stuff (shonky shore) on your fc land with no control, still have an accident and still sue you for it whilst still not hitting your target audience of teen scum/fat kids because its low and… well sod it …gay

Amen to that. Check out the fall out here. On a final note the Digital Camera Magazine competition is open to everyone and why not…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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