It’s the Weekend

It may only have been four days long, but it’s been an exceptionally busy week. A combination of an avalanche of work, lack of sleep and lots to catch up one has left me feeling quite relieved that it’s the weekend. A chance to get on top of those pesky things that have been backing up and a chance to get out for some proper riding.

Summer finally seemed to arrive this week and at least the early part of today still had a remnant of the warmth and sunshine that arrived on Thursday. It was a chance to get out for a proper route-revisited ride on the road bike and see just how much form I’ve lost from the days when I was getting some good pavement miles in. A fast pace through the Cheshire lanes from Altrincham spat me out at the foot of Alderley Edge and the climb up the hill demonstrated two things.

Firstly that it’s easy to forget just what an evil little climb it is and secondly that most of the effort in climbing is convincing yourself that your really can keep pushing that painfully high gear and that you are much better off sitting in the saddle than getting all gangly over the handlebars. I remember now that road riding necessitates a bit more finesse than thrashing the singlespeed up bastard hard Calderdale climbs.

Simon has been busy getting out there and enjoying the countryside too, check out his sunshiny photos. These are the latest adverts from Apple and have been generally well received by people and finally there is a more generally accessible and affordable way of replacing sealed external bottom bracket bearings, check it.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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