When I was doing some fafing the other day i realised that one of the nicest sets of photos I’d taken hadn’t made it onto this latest version of the site. So today I put the Edale Loop ride photos back up on the site. I’ve also added Chilly’s photos from Dusk til Dawn from ’03 and ’02 since he was kind enough to burn a CD for me when I saw him a couple of weeks ago and the infamous Giant-Pygmy is back – you can check it out here.

For a long time I argued i didn’t need one. There was no point – When would I use it? Then they brought out a colour one. Then they brought out one that plays video. Add in a week painting and decorating listening to rubbish on the radio and having to put up with a skiptastic CD player in the car and I was decided. The time has come to join the hordes of iPod owners. It’s a tidy little number with a special USB adapter so I can download digital photos off the camera and store them on the ‘pod. Sounds ideal for this summers trip.

_ Back in Black _ Custom engraving _

The Enduro is leaving the stable. I think I made up my mind after the Painscastle ride last month that we weren’t really getting on. I’ve thought about it a lot since then and I decided that it’s time is up. Not sure I’m that happy really. I feel the big Specialized bike has let me down, especially after I enjoyed riding the older version so much and my FSR being such a classic bike and solid ride for so long. I need something a bit more on-edge and responsive. The Enduro always felt like hard work.

So it’s all stripped down to just a frame set and forks. Everything will pretty much carry over to the new bike. The geared hardtaili has gained the Crossmax XLs and the XT chainset and I’ll use the Deus cranks and be getting a new set of wheels for the next bike. So there’s quite a lot of kit kicking around the flat that is looking for new homes, it’s all money that’ll be ploughed back into the next bike.

I didn’t get out riding today. Instead I dug out all my old rugby kit and played with the team. I think it’s about eight years since I played and although I am pretty rusty and not at what you would call match fitness I played the full match and escaped with only a fat lip and the usual stud-related scrapes, scratches and bruises. My back held up though which is a good sign, I was a bit concerned that it’d pop out.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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