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Bit’o’news from Mountain Bike Action: In a continued effort to showcase their Contessa Sportswoman line of bikes, Scott USA has announced an expansion of their sisterhood. Australian sports model and graphics designer Niki Gudex has been added to Scott’s lineup of talented female mountain bikers. Already in the Scott camp is the Ford Cycling Team, which includes do-good Norba racers Kelli Emmett, Sara Bresnick-Zocchi, Kathy Sherwin and Melanie Meyers.

Mental note: Read emails properly. At some point before Christmas I had an email from Shaun at aegishosting to tell me that the name server settings for my websites were changing and that I needed to update my settings with 34SP who look after my domains. The thing is that i did get this email and read it (a bit) but the fact that I needed to do something didn’t really sink in until the old DNS settings were switched off at which point all of my websites went off line.

These settings take up to three days to propagate around t’internet under normal circumstances and so things have been off line for a bit which is a bit embarrassing. Thing is it gets better. About this time last year I decided that Shaun was doing such a cracking deal at aegishosting that I’d which this site from being hosted by 34SP over to Aegis and shortly afterwards the new look site appeared.

When I did this I had a bit of a problem in that I had originally organised the purchasing of the domain using an email account I no longer have access to. I then had to convince 34SP I was who I said I was before they’d merge my accounts and let me log in. Proof of id had to be sent off to them and it all was sorted out. Fast forward back to this week and it turns out that when I log-in I can see ifrider.com and manantes.net, but this site isn’t in the domain controller bit of the intranet. So I fire off an email to the support team.

Turns out that the domain ‘expired’ according to their records in March 2005 and it’s been running on borrowed time ever since then. I really don’t remember getting an email telling me that was about to happen… So I had the added fun of having to get that little mess sorted out too and now everything is back up and running. Woo and yay as the ‘midge would say.

What else is new? Well I’m redeveloping the IF Owners’ Club site. It’s been going for almost two years now and is due a face lift. I’m just trialing some new web apps and some of them may find there was into here. You can get some quite good blogging software these days and a recent trial of WordPress at work has been really interesting. I’m not thinking of a new mobile or camera, but thought these were both interesting. Why any one would want such a horrible phone is beyond me and this 39 megapixel camera is a cool $33,000 for the basic model. That’s more than a Beemer. Any guesses on how much the price of 39MP cameras will have have dropped in 10 years?

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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