Driving isn’t an Art Form

So after successfully building and maintaining the IF online shop, the Boston team approached me with another little project for them. Well I’m not sure that partially redesigning the homepage of their site can be described as a little job, but I had a bit of fun doing the work and the results seem to have been quite popular so far. Here’s the new look. The old version is lurking here.

UCI Cyclocross World Championships are just across the water in Holland. After the fantastic results from the IF team at the recent US Nationals, Mo Bruno-Roy will be bringing her Ti Planet Cross over for some racing action on 28-29 January in Zeddam, Netherlands. It’s about 90 miles from Rotterdam and I reckon that’s ridable…

This commuting business is a dangerous thing when you start thinking about the people driving cars. I remember seeing a guy write off a brand new 5 series BMW getting the back out under lift-off, losing it, spinning and hitting the underpass of the A11 at the Thickthorn roundabout a few years ago when I was riding in to work in Norwich and all I can say is it was only the side airbags that let him get out and walk away from that one. This one is however much scarier.

From: Jed
Subject: Crunch

Witnessed an interesting bit of driving the other night. Going home down Newmarket Rd I was near the kitchen place/Spread Eagle pub when an oncoming car 70 yds ahead moved into my lane. I thought he may have been doing some dodgy move (like ignoring keep left bollard) to turn into the school. But no, he drove straight into the streetlamp that was by then just 50 yards in front. Hit it square on and knocked the light out. First on the scene and there was a very confused/dazed looking lad in the driving seat. Don’t know why he did it – either blacked out or fell asleep – but he’d only driven in from Wym and he was stone cold sober. A bit close for comfort that – you expect an oncoming car to avoid you but if the driver is not there then the potential is for us to depart.

That’s a fairly scary account. Keep lookin’ out for those crazy drivers.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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