It’s Been A While

Update time because I need a break from what I’m supposed to be doing. There’s a bit of news too. Firstly, Keith Bontrager has put a few words together to describe his efforts in this years Three Peaks Cyclocross race. They’ve been up on the Cyclingnews site for a while now, but here’s the link.

Jed has procured his new ride and Alps bike. I think he was intimidated by the IF prospect and has sensibly opted for some classic Ti in the form of a rather svelte looking Merlin Oreas. Seeing as Nige and Jam are probably also taking similarly fantastic bits of expensive metal, it looks like the Trans Alp bike isn’t decided just yet… Jed has also been ribbing me about SITS too. Third time lucky is the quest, but this 24hr business as a pair is fairly hardcore stuff. I’m game. Just need to sort out food and drinking on some big rides in the UK first.

Outside of the UK, Macpuppy has been finding some sweet trails. Don’t click if the last lot were too painful. yip groof wuff awooooooooooooo indeed.

Crazy dude Nathan Rennie has been busting himself up trying to get in the Guiness Book of Records. Nathan was gunning for the World Record in terms of long jumps and was towed in by a motorbike at 96 km/hr (60 mph) into this monster ramp. He managed to hold onto his Santa Cruz V10 for the 121 feet from the take off ramp to landing. He flat landed the front wheel and “blew up” three quarters of the way down the landing ramp. Nathan separated his shoulder and smashed his prized Troy Lee full face helmet, as well as sustaining cuts and bruising to most of his body. So that’s a repeat on the cards then…

Tyrell sent in this link to Supercycling. It’s a South African Equivalent to Cyclingnews. There’s a lot on there including details of the forth coming XTERRA race. I’m not sure Ned Overend will be contending, but in any case it looks sure to be a great race. It’s a damn sight warmer in SA this time of year than it is here thats for sure.

Don’t steal bikes from people is the simple message here. Ahearne Cycles were featured in the latest edition of Dirt Rag and the man behind beautifully crafted bike parts can be tracked down here. The Spaceman Bicycle Flask holster is clearly inspired genius.

The Sexmidget has some photos from his trip to the Alps here. Snow and no sunshine in these shots from June. Catch up with Cyclenaut here – she’s still working on the road in the US for Trek. The Coogle is broken (hand again) – his website’s here. The Samuri hasn’t been having much luck with his opticians then… Finally Tim’s the proud owner of a bike shop with a sorted website. No need for a stock listing that needs constantly updating. He’s even got a shop blog

Finally here’s a couple of Apple Mac links. First of all I can’t help thinking that this will look crap once it has all the necessary wires plugged in. The Mcmac site on the other hand is just plain cheeky. Front row has indeed left the iMac and works just as well on any other OSX10.4 Apple. All you need to do now is find a way to get the remote control to work…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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