Autumn Colours

Went North to the Lake District yesterday for a bit of walking and fresh air. It wasn’t a fantastic day weather wise, but the rain kept at bay until we were in the car on the way back. The light was as always an uncertain factor, but the beauty of the autumn colours in the Lakes was no disappointment. Photos are up here.

Norway riding
right click and save as here
for the video (130mb)

Truls from Norway posted a link to the great video above and I thought I’d share it here, because it looks ace. Each summer Truls and his mates arrange an informal get-together for readers at which is a bit like the Norwegian version of Bikemagic as far as I can tell. I registered with them in a bid to try and get more european IF owners signed up to the Owners’ Club. Apparenetly they’ve been doing these mini festivals for the last three years at a ski resort kalled Skeikampen. This year 80 readers spent three days on marevellous trails in the Norwegian mountains.

The team at Cyclingnews have managed to get their hands on some Spinner Aeris forks. Yep they’re light and costly and totally impractical for someone like me…

The Cyclingnews Mountain Bike pages also have details of the 2006 Temple to Temple. This is a race following the path of the ancient Mayans more than one and a half thousand years ago, it’s the world’s first bike race/tour linking the great temples of Lubaantun to Caracol, Belize. The race/tour kicks off January 29th, 2006, and runs until 4th of February, 2006. The 7 day, 750 km race takes challengers on and off road through rugged mountains, steaming jungle, caves, local villages, and Mayan ruins!

Dave Barter has been busy over at Phased. Looks like I now have some more trivia related to my birthday:

In 1939, Tommy Godwin entered the golden book of cycling as the greatest long distance rider in the world. He rode 75,065 miles in a single year to set an endurance riding record that will never be beaten. On October 26th 1939, Tommy rode into Trafalgar Square, having completed 62,658 miles, gaining the record with two months to spare. That wasn’t enough. He rode on through the winter to complete an astounding 75,065 miles in the year. Still that was not enough; in May 1940 after five hundred days of riding he secured the 100,000 mile record as well. Tommy dismounted his bike and spent weeks learning how to walk again before going off to war. More…

I’m not sure there is anything new over at Temple ov thee Lemur, but the Visible Mars Bar Project is a fairly good summary pf the weirdness involved.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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