For some inexplicable reason I forgot to mention just how hot it is here at the moment yesterday. I can only assume the head addled my brain. It’s hot, damn hot and it’s proper mediterranean heat too, but with that horrible stuffy humidity that only Manchester seems capable of.

Lance let them share around his Jersey for a while then he pounced today in the mountains. Armstrong is back in Yellow after a cracking ride up to Courchevel. To be honest he seems to have made his mark now and barring disaster I can’t see anyone else taking this final Tour from him. I know it’s early days, but you do get that feeling that he has it all planned out.

It was interesting to note that the final stage of Saturday’s stage finished in Gérardmer, a mountain town that Biker and I cruised through in out trans France epic. I imagine that it wasn’t quite the same slogging up the climb on a 45lb laden mountain bike as it must have been for the Tour riders on their 18lb race bikes.

Here’s a load of timekillers from the team over at teagames. Oh and this is an absolute classic – I imagine the error message generator has been used to great effect in businesses across the globe. Just thing of the potential for a screen shot, a bit of photoshopping and a new desktop wallpaper…

And finally check out this bizarre Powerpoint presentation about big earth movers.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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