Following the TDF

Armstrong in yellow already? The opening days of the Tour dominated by two Americans in the yellow jersey? It’s a different Tour fer shure. I just hope that we see more from the European riders before too much longer – it was good to see Boonen winning the sprints, the big man is on fire and if he can last the mountains I think the Green Jersey is his this year, but there is a lot of other talent in the Tour and it’d be good to see some successful break aways. Read the latest at Cyclingnews.

The Olympics. London 2012. Good news for British Sport and no doubt, because the Infrastructure that will be put in place will be truly world class and will only lead to more opportunity for people and which is no bad thing. Beckham’s manor? “I’ve got friends that have got children that are growing up in the East End of London and they’re already saying to me to have the Olympics in our manor would be a special thing for kids to have inspiration from different athletes from all round the world”. Even his fashion statements are causing controversy again. What a media whore.

The Singlespeed Euros must have really been a drug fest, because those crazy dutch haven’t updated their website in weeks! Not that I can talk of course…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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