Getting Better

Not been feeling too clever recently. I think ‘work’ is catching up with me, which may mean if I keep on at full tilt I’ll be okay, but I reckon there’s a fairly good chance that now it knows I’m feeling the pressure and I have to keep looking over my shoulder I’ll probably end up getting ill, which is a bit crap.

So I’ve spent the weekend cleaning bikes and building wheels, including the new singlespeed wheels. They’re great. Wasp noises now accompany every freewheeling moment. There are some new pics up here including the drilled Phil Wood bottom bracket shell. I haven’t built a pair of wheels from scratch in a few years and there was some kind of zen moment over the weekend doing the truing when I rememebered why I used to like it. So I’ve got a minoura wheel jig for now, but in the long term I still want one of these – these are the daddy’s of all wheel truing jigs, the dogs bollocks and the last time I checked were about £500. They also weigh about as much as a Fiat 126.

Time Outdoors seems to be a new website which I haven’t heard discussed anywhere. Which may be the problem with being in a very small clique. It seems to be similar to the old madformountaingbiking site – they were an outfit that were around a few years ago during the .com boom. It all looks very reasonable too.

Here is some mindless bike related violence to keep you occupied and this will probably let you calculate how many times you need to walk to the shops to burn off all those donuts.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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