New Version

Later than planned due to unforeseen circumstances the new site is up. As Roots Manuva might say it’s bit brand new, second hand and there’s a few gaps, but on the whole the new site is on its way to completion. Two years on from the original launch there have certainly been some changes in all sorts of ways, but I’m looking at this relaunch as a blank canvas.

Perhaps suitably, tonight also marked a return to riding with a trip up to Hebden Bridge for the Singletrack Thursday night ride, for which people had come far and wide. None more so than Matt from Chelmer Cycles who is up this end of the country for some riding, before heading up even further north to Scotland. There was a fair mixing of snow, ice, crashes, hilarity, whiskey and beer.

More soon as I’ve e-mail to sort out and get working…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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