Looking Ahead

So it’s 2005. What does this year have in store? Last year started well with lots of riding and gradually tailed off, effectively ending in August. Bit of a bugger that, but then this year might well be the inverse unless I get my act together. So wit that in mind I’ve already started looking at what I want to be doing in terms of riding and racing and events.

This year I’m going to get some riding in stateside and make why over to Pennsylvania for the SSWC in State College. It might be an extended weekend trip, but I’m going make that race. Over here in the UK there are a few rides I’ve still got in mind and at least one of them is going to involve some overnighting and carrying of kit.

So what about bikes? Well there’s a shiny road bike to get built up and some miles to cover on the tarmac, but as to whether there’ll be any new additions to the bike collection I really don’t know. I suppose it’s something that can never be ruled out, because there’s a lot of riding ahead.

Lots of new kit starting to filetr through and Cyclingnews are keeping up well with the task of highlighting it here, here and here. This combination of expensive metals has produced quite possibly the lightest mountain bike suspension forks in the world – check out the Spinner Aeris. Seems to be a definite lack of technical info about them which is a bit worrying.

Petrolhead Jed found this on the t’internet: Fat ass motorbiking. I’m thinking about the fact the days are getting longer and the fact that Apple have just brought out a new iPod and a new Mac.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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