Remembering Dibnah

Yesterday I managed to get out and ride. It really is the first time I’ve ridden since this years SITS, because there was the usual collection of energy bar debris and spares kicking about in the bottom of the camelbak. Anyway it was a bit of a shakedown ride for the new singlespeed and there were lots of things that needed a bit of tweaking and adjustment. End result is I’m very pleased with the new bike, but I need to get out and ride more. A lot more.

Macpuppy is now only one bivvi away from his aim of sleeping out in the big outdoors every month for a year. Now he’s expected certain people who can’t join him on his final Scottish adventure to join him on a series of satellite bivvi’s. Conference calls are to be expected on the 22nd December. Where to stay, that’s the question.

I read the Da Vinci Code when I was on holiday. These days it seems that some people have difficulty differentiating fiction from fact. Which is a bit worrying really. I mean if someone wrote a book about raindows and buried pots of gold…

There was a tribute to Fred Dibnah on the TV last night. The man with the big character from Bolton has finally lost his recent battle with the big C. He will be missed by many.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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