So I finally managed to get back on top of things over the last week. Life has just been mental recently.

The PhD is over. Viva a success and I have 12 months to make the corrections required to my Thesis and resubmit. Thank f*** for that. It’s been like a lead weight around my neck for the last few years and now it’s been lifted I feel a lot better.

I’ve updated the Singletrack Archive. I think the mag is getting better, even if the covers seem a bit dull compared to the lovely landscapes and arty photos in the earlier issues. Maybe it’s just me and the geographer in me missing those seasonal landscape shots. At least the Calendar is, as always, looking fantastic.

I finally fettled the new singlespeed into shape. There’s a dedicated page here.

Yes the old one is still up for sale. It’s destickered, cleaned up and pretty much ready to roll. I’ve just fitted a brand new steerer to the Z2 forks too so it’s up for sale with both the rigid blades and a sensible-geometry pair of bouncy forks. If you’re interested or know someone looking for a nice 19″ Singlespeed mail me – the address is at the top of the page.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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