Almost Finished

Still here and almost finished. It’s been a long, long road with lots of blind corners, but it’s like I’ve just ridden around the last hairpin bend of a very long mountain climb and there just on the horizon and rapidly approaching is the summit. The end is in sight.

So given my recent hermit like status I’m out of touch with bikes at the moment. I haven’t ridden properly since Sleepless in the Saddle and I have only occasionally been checking out what’s been happening in the world of bikes. Well the world in general has been passing by fairly quickly, but I was fairly amused by the fact that at least one country has some common sense.

I’m still waiting for some fucked up shit to go off over here, because those in command of the security of this fine nation seem to think that security is about just about talking about it, but not actually doing anything. And when they do get round to actioning something they’ll probably use a Kryptonite lock or some other flawed piece of crap. There are 14,000 security pass holders to the House of Commons, yeah they’re going to be able to lock that place down real tight. I can see it now.

Anyway here’s an American view on things:

From: Big Jonny
Subject: Where democracy can be found

I with I had something good to say about all that. Maybe India is ahead of the curve, and that has an upside.

The House of Commons could be facing trouble, as many of the government bodies, institutions and building on my side of the pond undoubtedly are as well.

Fucked up shit. For sure. It’s a good thing we ride bikes.

Keep you chin up, this can’t last forever. Can it?

jonny out

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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