New Site

Ooooh get me. It’s the new look of It’s almost glitzy and everything. Well unfortunately it’s only skin deep at the moment and there’s still plenty of shonky pages in the depths of the site.

I’ve plugged the RUSS Appeal in the past. So far they’ve raised a shed load of cash for the Air Ambulance, but they want to keep things rolling so the banner at the top of the page is going to be there for a little while. The Air Ambulances are good, they help lift broken MTBers like the Droid off hillsides. So I can say I know someone that’s been helped by them and maybe one day they’ll be the ones who get me or you out of a nasty situation too.

The government have recently issued a leaflet on steps the average person can take to prepare for a catastrophic terrorist attack. Not that they want to shit people up, or that they’re worried that if you bomb the crap out of far away countries that you might piss people off and that they’ll exact bloody revenge or anything. No, no. It’s all just in case. Well you might not know that there’s also a website to accompany this new campaign it’s scary stuff. I especially like the bit where it says:

If you are involved in any emergency it is important to:

  • Run like hell, particularly if you caused the emergency.
  • Trample all others in your desperate attempt to escape.
  • Loot on the way out

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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